Praxis ISOPAX™ Packers

The ISOPAX ™ Packer with revolutionary patent pending features that will give you 100% peace of mind that your well integrity is secure every time.

The ISOPAX ™ Packer is specifically designed to meet client needs and expectations and is available in multiple configurations, materials, pressure ratings to fit all casing sizes and well environments.

Our product line

Praxis Completion Technologies offer a complete line of production packers and accessories — from standard packers to specialized designs for the most hostile environments. Praxis has a packer for every type of completion including multilateral, deep-water, sand control, and intelligent completions.

Praxis packers are manufactured to a quality program standard that meets API Q1/ISO 9001 requirements. Finite element analysis and full-scale testing at our in-house facility helps ensure packers perform as designed. In addition to packers for production installations, Praxis provides a wide selection of isolation, utility, and special application packers, offering bespoke solutions for every well completion type.

Our experienced Sales and Marketing professionals are ready for your most difficult well completion challenges, engineering solutions and timely on-site delivery – contact Praxis today for a stress-free discussion on how we can solve your problems.

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