Adjustable Union

The Adjustable Union is made up within the completion tubing string where space out requires fine adjustment between packers, wellheads or other completion equipment. The Adjustable Union can also be used to orientate eccentric completion equipment to assist with concentricity.

The required space out of the tubing is achieved by using pup joints of varying lengths to adjust the tubing string as close as possible to the desired length. The Adjustable Union is installed into the tubing string and rotationally adjusted to the required space out length. The Adjustable Union is then locked in place.

  • Tubing space out in single or dual completions
  • Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) Installations
  • Alignment & Orientation of eccentric completion equipment
  • Pressure ratings up to 7,500psi
  • Materials to suit all well environments
  • Field Adjustable
  • Anti-Rotation Locks
  • Fully adjustable within tubing string
  • Optional adjustment without orientation of string
  • Orientation in 45 Degree Steps
  • Fully rated to tubing string torque, tension and weights
  • Full tubing drift access
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