Free Gas Vent Mandrel

The Free Gas Vent Mandrel (FGV) is made up in the tubing string at a depth above the packer.  The system is designed for lower risk environments such as shallow set, non-deviated wells or land applications and allows gas, under pressure to move, uncontrolled from below the packer into the tubing above the packer.

There is no communication via control line to the surface and therefore the system operates based on pressure build up in the control line exceeding the tubing pressure and bleeding into the tubing through the integral checks and hence providing protection to the pump.

  • Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) Installations
  • Tubing deployed as part of production string
  • Allows the venting of any gas build up from below the packer to the upper annulus
  • Materials to suit all well environments
  • Available in multiple configurations
  • Allows adequate gas removal and prevent pump failure due to gas locking
  • Adapts to multi-port packers
  • In tight applications it improves the geometry at the packer.
  • Allows fluid level below packer to be maintained at optimal levels for ESP operation
  • Optional thread makeup connections
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