Vital to Praxis’s vision is the development and successful market introduction of new winning products. In an industry where demands for ever more complex completions are increasing our team works with clients to provide bespoke equipment solutions.


Our core strategic aim is to introduce new products that allow our customers to drive down operating costs and defer costly well interventions and workovers.

Praxis’s New Product Innovation Strategy has been developed with two principles, these being:

  • To maximize our core competencies
  • To target new product innovation towards the challenges which our industry faces

Praxis Design Philosophy

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    User friendly designs mean our products are easy to deploy as well as being field redressable.

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    Praxis products consistently deliver the optimum long-term returns for clients.

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    Praxis products have an excellent track record of dependability, even in the most challenging wells. The industry demanded retrievability and Praxis delivered.

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    Improved Funtionality

    Modular products with more functionality and interchangeability reduce lead times and often inventory whilst still improving well performance.

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    Superior designs coupled with advanced materials enables Praxis products to withstand the harshest well environments.

Product Development

To deliver speed-to-market with winning new products, a New Product Development (NPD) process has been adopted and embedded within Praxis. This ensures detailed market and technical planning is undertaken prior to making key design, development and market launch decisions.

In addition to the Praxis NPD process, our performance in the evolution, prototyping and fruition of new product ideas are key measurements for the business.

Praxis currently has a balanced portfolio of NPD projects. Each development is screened against technical risk and potential market reward, whilst always ensuring that each development is in line with our technology values and product innovation strategy.


Praxis has built a deep expertise in industry specific testing. Excelling in time critical projects, Praxis offers solutions to get projects completed sooner. With a customer centric approach, our team, facilities, and tools are geared to help you meet the testing goals you have today. With an established history of testing to API and ISO qualification standards, we can achieve working pressures up to 15,000psi and temperature ranges of 600°F to -50°F.

Our ultimate goals and measure of success are products in the ground, on time, every time, with the reliability to exceed the operating life of the well.

Our experienced Sales and Marketing professionals are ready for your most difficult well completion challenges, engineering solutions and timely on-site delivery – contact Praxis today for a stress-free discussion on how we can solve your problems.

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