PODs Systems


The Praxis POD System is designed for Artificial Lift completions allowing specialist ESP installations to be realized.

POD systems are used to encapsulate the ESP within a sealed environment. The POD System is usually run and installed into a lower completion-sealing device such as a packer. Well bore fluid then enters through the bottom of the POD, surrounds the ESP and is produced through the pump directly into the tubing to surface.

POD systems can used to protect casing by preventing corrosive well bore fluid from coming into contact with it. The annulus can then be filled with a benign fluid.

POD Systems are used in multiple smart well completions and offer the ability to be able to configure ESP production for single or multiple zones independently.


  • Smart well completions
  • ESP Completions with requirement to prevent fluid on casing
  • Dual ESP Completions – single or multiple zone production
  • Dual Concentric ESP Completions
  • Dual Tandem ESP Completions


  • Available in multiple configurations to suit all casing, tubing and bypass requirements
  • Simple securing mechanism with no requirement for retaining nuts, spin collars, etc.
  • Available in materials to suit all well environments

More Information

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