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ISOPAX ™ Packers

The ISOPAX Packer with revolutionary patent pending features that will give you 100% peace of mind that your well integrity is secure every time.

The ISOPAX Packer is specifically designed to meet client needs and expectations and is available in multiple configurations, materials, pressure ratings to fit all casing sizes and well environments.

Features include:

ISOPAX Anti-Preset Prevents premature setting of packer while running in hole
ISOPAX H-Boost Hydraulically & mechanically increases the pressure applied to sealing elements maximizing seal against casing wall
ISOPAX Lock-Out Packer is locked in release position after unsetting preventing resetting or drag during retrieval
ISOPAX Anti-Drag Ensures that all packer components are pulled back inside casing drift reducing risk of drag or swabbing during retrieval

More Information

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