BOP Cans

The Praxis BOP Can Assembly is designed to allow the production tubing string, ESP cable penetrator and control lines to pass through the BOP’s whilst provide a sealing face for the BOP Rams when closed during well testing. The fluted hanger nut allows the completion string to be landed within the hanger bowl and is eccentric with an additional slot allowing the annular ESP cable and well testing control lines to pass.

The BOP CAN Assembly has an adjustable space-out between the fluted hanger nut and the BOP Can, which allows the BOP CAN to be accurately positioned in the centre of the BOP Rams.

Various ESP cable penetrator options are available to suit requirements.


  • Electrical Submersible Pump Completions
  • Well testing with Electrical Submersible Pumps


  • Provides a sealing bypass for the ESP power cable and control lines
  • Multiple tubing size and threads available
  • Multiple/single ports through mandrel to suit ESP penetrator requirements

More Information

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